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Prof. Sofia Gruskin | Spotlight Session on Thursday 9/24 at 12pm EDT

Sofia Gruskin

Sofia Gruskin, JD, MIA, (@sofiagruskin) is the Director of USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health. A pioneer in bringing together multi-disciplinary approaches to global health, Sofia has been instrumental in developing the conceptual, methodological, and empirical links between health and human rights with a focus on HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, child and adolescent health, gender-based violence, non-communicable disease, and health systems. Ms. Gruskin received the 2020 Hayman Award from the Global Alliance.

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Dr. David Williams | Presidential Citation Award Address | Wednesday 10/7 at 3:30pm EDT

David WilliamsDavid R. Williams, PhD, MPH, (@D_R_Williams1) is a social scientist and professor at Harvard's T. H. Chan School of Public Health who specializes in social influences on health. The author of more than 475 scientific papers, his research has enhanced our understanding of the complex ways in which race, socioeconomic status, racism, stress, health behaviors, and religious involvement can affect physical and mental health. His widely-viewed TEDMED Talk, How Racism Makes Us Sick, explores the impact of race and discrimination on well-being.

Lt. Governor Peggy FlanaganPresidential Citation Award Address | Thursday 10/8 at 12:15pm EDT 

Peggy FlanaganPeggy Flanagan (@LtGovFlanagan), Minnesota’s 50th Lieutenant Governor and an enrolled member of the White Earth Band of Ojibweis the highest-ranking Native woman elected to executive office in the country. Her career is built on standing up for children, working families, communities of color and Indigenous communities, and all Minnesotans who have historically been underserved and underrepresented. She advocates for equity in education and early childhood policies for kids and champions the rights of immigrants, refugees, and Native AmericansAs a former State Representative and community organizer, Peggy brings her experience with advocacy and coalition-building to the Lieutenant Governor’s office. She is currently partnering with Governor Tim Walz to build One Minnesota.

Dr. Irwin Sandler | Ittleson Award Address | Thursday 10/8 at 5pm EDT

Irwin SandlerIrwin Sandler, PhD, ASU, is a Research Professor at Arizona State University and a REACH Institute Scientist. His research is focused on the development, evaluation, and dissemination of intervention programs to promote resilience in children and families experiencing major life stressors. Dr. Sandler and his colleagues have conducted research on the development of programs for divorced families (New Beginnings Program) and for bereaved families (Family Bereavement Program). Their research has found encouraging evidence that these programs promote healthy child adjustment including lower rates of substance abuse, depression, continuing distressing grief, and externalizing problems and that these effects last up to 15 years following family participation in the programs.

Dr. Theresa BetancourtIttleson Award Address | Friday 10/9 at 4:30pm EDT 

Theresa Betancourt

Theresa S. Betancourt, ScD, MA, (@tsbetancourt) is the Salem Professor in Global Practice at Boston College School of Social Work and the Director at Research Program on Children and Adversity (RPCA). Dr. Betancourt’s central research interests include the developmental and psychosocial consequences of concentrated adversity on children, youth and families including violence and extreme poverty; resilience and protective processes in child and adolescent mental health and child development; refugee families; and applied cross-cultural mental health research.


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