CNE Information Sheet

To obtain CNE you should fill out one (1) evaluation survey (full details below). Therefore, to
complete your survey, please watch and track all CNE sessions you have attended during the
Coming Together for Action conference. Once you have finished reviewing the sessions, please
submit your survey. The deadline for completing your survey is January 6, 2021.

  1. After you have attended the above live or recorded sessions, complete the evaluation at the following link:
  2. Only evaluate the sessions you attended and total the number of contact hours in the required box. Up to 8 hours CNE may be granted.
  3. At the end of the evaluation another link is provided to print or download your Completion Certificate.
  4. Once you print out your Completion Certificate fill in your name and number of CNEs you obtained. (up to 8 hours CNE)

If you have any questions about CNE sessions please contact [email protected] and put ‘CNE-Global Alliance’ in the subject line.

View the list of available CNE sessions by selecting "CNE" from the "Tracks" dropdown filter below.